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Hair Drug Testing in West Phoenix

Dependable & Private Drug Testing Services

Drug testing is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. While there are various drug testing methods available, hair drug testing stands out as one of the most accurate and reliable options. This testing method can detect drug use within an extended timeframe and is non-intrusive, making it an appealing choice for employers and individuals.

Our comprehensive hair drug testing checks for a variety of substances, including:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opioids
  • Amphetamines

At Fastest Labs of West Phoenix, we offer quick, confidential, and cost-effective hair drug testing services. Our facilities are designed to provide a clean, sanitized, and technologically advanced environment. Our friendly, certified collectors will cater to your needs throughout the testing process. Hair drug testing is a non-intrusive collection process. Samples can be collected from many body areas, ensuring comfort and versatility. Hair samples are collected with seamless ease, and the testing process is almost impossible to cheat, making it a failproof way of drug testing.

The Unique Upsides of Hair-Based Drug Tests

One of the significant benefits of hair drug testing is its 90-day detection timeframe. Body hair samples can screen drug use that has occurred within a full year. This extended detection period is beneficial for individuals who want to prove their drug-free status for an extended period. Employers also benefit from this feature since they can detect ongoing drug use.

We offer hair drug tests to all individuals and institutions, including:

  • Sports programs
  • Military divisions
  • Employers
  • Parents
  • Attorneys and legal teams
  • Government agencies
  • Parolees

When you choose hair drug testing services, you can expect accurate and confidential results within 1-2 days. Fastest Labs of West Phoenix is committed to delivering quick results, making it easier for employers to make timely decisions regarding hiring or firing. Individuals also benefit from receiving their results faster by taking the necessary steps to rectify their situation without delay.

Our testing procedures are certified, so you can be confident our results will be accurate, reliable, and defensible in legal situations. Call (623) 244-7391 to learn about our same-day drug testing services!

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