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Drug Testing Services in Knoxville, TN

Fast, Reliable Drug Testing Near You

FastestLabs® is Knoxville's leading provider for professional drug testing services. With over a decade of experience, we offer quick, accurate, and affordable drug testing solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Whether you are an employer aiming to maintain a drug-free workplace or an individual seeking personal testing, our expert team at Fastest Labs of West Knoxville is here to assist you!

Looking to schedule a drug test in Knoxville today? Call us at (865) 412-8505 or request an appointment online today!

Why Choose Fastest Labs of West Knoxville?

  • Clean and Professional Drug Testing Labs: At Fastest Labs of West Knoxville, we take pride in maintaining the cleanest drug testing labs in the industry, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic environment for all our clients. Our certified collectors adhere to stringent protocols to guarantee accuracy and confidentiality in every test we conduct.
  • Fast and Reliable Results: Understanding the importance of timely information, many of our on-location drug tests provide immediate results within minutes. This dedication to swift service ensures that you have the critical information you need without delay.
  • Customized Solutions for Employers: For Knoxville businesses, we offer customized drug testing policies to support your efforts in creating a safe and compliant workplace. We work closely with you to tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Our Comprehensive Drug Testing Options

At Fastest Labs of West Knoxville, we offer a variety of drug testing options to meet your specific needs. From simple pre-employment screenings to complex court-ordered testing, our experienced staff will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

We offer the following types of drug tests:

  • Urine: This federally mandated testing method offers instant results with lab confirmation within 1-3 days. It's the most common choice for legal and pre-employment drug testing.
  • Hair: Hair testing detects drug use up to 90 days prior to the test with lab results available in 1-3 days. This option is ideal for identifying long-term drug use.
  • Saliva: This convenient option offers instant results with lab confirmation for positive results within 1-3 days. Saliva tests can detect recent drug use.
  • Fingernail: Similar to hair testing, fingernail tests detect drug use up to 8 months prior and provide lab results in 1-3 days.
  • Sweat Patch: This non-invasive method monitors drug use over time through a patch worn for several days. Lab results arrive within 1-3 days of patch removal.
  • Specialty Testing: Need to test for specific substances not included in standard panels? Our specialty testing can identify heavy metals, toxins, or poisons.

Commitment to Excellence

Regardless of the drug testing method you choose, you can expect fast and accurate results from Fastest Labs of West Knoxville. Our commitment to quality goes beyond speed. We utilize strict procedures and protocols to ensure the integrity of every test.

Schedule Your Drug Test Today!

Interested in scheduling a drug testing appointment? Contact us at (865) 412-8505 or contact us online to get started. At Fastest Labs of West Knoxville, we are dedicated to serving the Knoxville community with the best in drug testing services.

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  • “Clean facilities, professional employees, and great customer service. Would definitely recommend!”
    - Aaron J.
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    - Kay M.
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    - Frank H.

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