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Blogs from April, 2023

This blog should really be titled why we won’t take your hard earned money at Fastest Labs.

Drug testing is a complicated business. Some places may be less expensive and you might save $10 (while waiting forever – since we get you in and out in about 15 minutes), but what if it isn’t the right test? How do you know? If you had the right advice you wouldn’t have spent that money, or worse – fail an employer test because you didn’t do the right test at the right time.

With some tests, like hair tests, timing is everything. Hair grows at a specific rate, take a test at the wrong time and you may get a negative, but then when you take the employer test you are positive. Will an online testing place tell you that? Not a chance.

When you order a test online you don’t get any advice. Other labs may not give you the right advice either and are willing to take your hard earned money for a test you don’t need.

Fastest Labs is a cut above other labs. When you call you will speak to a certified collector who has done thousands of tests. You will get the advice you need to make sure you are doing the right test at the right time. If it isn’t the right test we won’t do it. In fact we just turned down doing a hair test because it was not the right time.

At Fastest Labs you get the right test at the right time at the right price. We won’t do any unnecessary testing…ever. Give us a call today.