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Blogs from August, 2019


I was recently asked by a prospective client about my opinion of CBD oil. You can now buy CBD oil almost anywhere: gas stations in Webster, your chiropractor may sell it, even Kroger announced that they are selling the product all over Houston. CBD is being marketed as an essential oil. But this is the first one that I know of that has the potential of costing you your job.

Is CBD Free of THC?

CBD products are marketed as being THC free - but are they? The problem is that there is a lack of standardization and regulation of these products. A US study published in JAMA showed that as few as 20% of these recreational cannabis products are accurately labelled, with only 17% of products properly labelled for THC content.

Testing at Fastest Labs

While there may be benefits to the usage, the cost may be higher than you expect. At Fastest Labs of Webster and all our locations, we treat all drug tests like we are doing a Department of Transportation (DOT) test. Whether it is a rapid test or a lab based test, the test does not care if you are using CBD oil. If the levels of THC in your CBD oil is too high, then you are at risk for a positive result on your test.

Someday the standardization will catch up in the industry. But until that day the consumer should be wary of the products they buy and consume. If you regulary use CBD oil and you are looking for a new job or your company does random testing, you should come to Fastest Labs and get tested.

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