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Paternity Tests in Tacoma

Affordable Tests with Fast Results

When a voluntary admission of paternity is unattainable, a DNA test can provide answers. Whether you’re seeking a test for personal or legal reasons, Fastest Labs of Tacoma can provide accurate and affordable results quickly. What’s more, if you are in fact seeking results for use in court, we can provide certified and admissible documents.

Call Fastest Labs of Tacoma at (253) 201-3223 to learn more about our paternity testing services.

What Are Paternity Tests?

Paternity tests are a specific type of DNA test that determine whether a man is the biological father of a given child. They are performed by collecting samples from the child and alleged father and analyzing the DNA to determine if the two are genetically related.

These tests are incredibly accurate because of the very unique nature of human DNA. Because genes are passed from parents to children, we’re able to look for similarities in DNA sequences and effectively deduce whether two individuals are related.

DNA Paternity Testing Process

DNA paternity tests are surprisingly simple procedures – at least in the sense that the patients aren’t required to do much more than provide a sample. The process generally takes only a few minutes and produces results within two to three days.

When receiving a paternity test from Fastest Labs of Tacoma, we will:

  • Have one of our certified collectors perform a buccal swab inside both patients’ cheeks
  • Analyze the samples in our lab for repeating DNA sequences
  • Provide interested parties with results as soon as they become available

We take pride in ensuring that samples are kept uncontaminated and confidential. Our lab follows the strict industry standards and protocols to guarantee that your results are accurate. Our tests meet legal guidelines as well, making them an ideal option to satisfy court-ordered testing for custody disputes.

When You Should Schedule a Paternity Test

There are several reasons one may volunteer or be ordered to take a paternity test.

Fastest Labs of Tacoma offers paternity tests for those looking to:

  • Claim government or military benefits on behalf of the child
  • Confirm their status as the child’s father
  • Protect the child’s right to inherit from the father
  • Prove their right to child support, child custody, or visitation
  • Settle parenthood disputes

Whatever your reason is, you can rely on our lab for rapid tests at reasonable rates. In addition to our paternity tests, we can study DNA samples for ancestry testing, infidelity testing, maternity testing, immigration testing, and more.

Call us at (253) 201-3223 to learn more about our DNA tests in Tacoma!

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