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Drug Testing in South Denver

Multiple Drug Testing Options

At Fastest Labs South Denver, weoffer a variety of drug tests and can even create customized drug-testing packages for your specific needs. Each type of drug test offers unique pros and cons.

Our most popular drug testing methods include:

  1. Hair TestsTesting hair follicles is a non-invasive and efficient method. You can expect results fast (within one to three days). A hair sample can show drug abuse for up to three months.
  2. Urine Tests Urine can reveal a wide range of illegal substances – making it the preferred testing method for federal courts. From a urine sample, we can detect cocaine, marijuana, methadone, amphetamines, methamphetamines, barbiturates, PCP, etc. Preliminary results usually appear in minutes, but official verification can take a few days.
  3. Cuticle TestsAlso known as fingernail tests, this method can detect drug usage that occurred up to 8 months before the test.
  4. Perspiration TestsSweat-based tests are often administered to convicts and addicts on probation. This test involves actively monitoring drug use by applying a patch.
  5. Mucus Tests Saliva tests are simple and efficient. It requires little effort to collect mucus, which is why this method is so popular. However, mucus tests merely detect drug use shortly after ingestion.

The Fastest Labs South Denver Difference

Our commitment to delivering quick and accurate results is second to none. We understand that there is often little time to wait for drug test results. Whether your drug test is court or company ordered, waiting around can have negative consequences. At the same time, accuracy is critical. That is why we’ve streamlined and expedited our process to it as seamless as possible.

By choosing Fastest Labs, you get quality service every time. We prioritize:

  • Affordable Testing – Our drug tests are competitively priced.
  • Excellent Customer Services – Our licensed staff of sample collectors and lab technicians are friendly, courteous, and accommodating.
  • Confidentiality – We adhere to strict policies to keep information private and protected.
  • Convenient Scheduling – Our flexible scheduling options make booking an appointment easy.
  • Sterilized facilities and labs –We keep our laboratories spotless and disinfected to avoid contamination.

Ready to learn more about our drug testing services or schedule an appointment? Call (720) 924-4333 or contact us online today!

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