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PEth Testing

What Is a PEth Test?

A PEth Test is a blood alcohol test that detects up to the past month and looks for direct biomarkers of alcohol that remain in the blood stream for up to 4 weeks after consumption. A PEth test detects binge drinking or chronic alcohol use. Testing is often ordered by courts, lawyers, case workers, or family members, concerned about a person staying sober over a long period. At Fastest Labs of Salt Lake City, we offer Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Testing. We can conduct this reliable method of detecting blood alcohol concentration via a small prick of the finger.

You may be required to have a PEth test for:

  • Court order
  • Child Custody cases
  • Legal situations
  • Treatment centers
  • Sports

PEth tests do not normally pick up casual drinking; if someone has a couple drinks on a few occasions in the past weeks, the PEth test will most likely come back negative. It should be noted that body weight, metabolism, number of drinks, all affect how long PEth can be detected. When the body absorbs ethanol/alcohol, PEth forms by binding to red blood cells. A direct alcohol biomarker, PEth is easily detected in human blood up to 4 weeks after consumption. It’s concentration in blood increases as alcohol consumption increases.

When tested regularly, PEth can indicate prolonged, heavy, or binge drinking.

Benefits of a PEth Test

PEth tests are one of the most trusted blood tests on the market with 99% accuracy. Measuring for PEth provides a complete picture of an individual’s alcohol usage: revealing valuable biometric data absent from other alcohol-focused test results.

Advantages of PEth testing include:

  • Accurate – Unlike other blood alcohol tests, PEth biomarkers are not affected by hand sanitizer and mouth wash – offering a more accurate profile of alcohol consumption.
  • Definitive – PEth test results are also failproof from false readings due to age, medications, illnesses, past drinking habits, or other health factors.
  • Simple – PEth testing is relatively non-invasive, requiring no more than a few drops of blood that our certified collectors can easily collect and process paperwork for testing.

We can usually get results back within 3-5 business days. PEth enables the discrimination of heavy versus moderate or occasional drinkers, and can monitor abstinence within the past month. Age, gender, health or previous alcohol issues do not impact on the results.

If you need PEth blood testing services, you can count on Fastest Labs of Salt Lake Cityfor:

  • Spotless facilities
  • A friendly team
  • Confidentiality
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast results

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