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Drug Testing Services in Salinas, CA

Fast and Accurate Drug Test Results

Fastest Labs® of Salinas is your reliable local provider for top-tier drug testing services. Whether you're an employer maintaining a drug-free environment, a concerned parent, or an individual in need, we're here to deliver swift, precise results. Our on-site tests often provide results within a mere five minutes. We pride ourselves on having the cleanest facilities in the industry and our certified collectors uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and precision. Our Salinas testing center is equipped to handle all types of drug testing requirements, from simple to complex. We can even assist Salinas employers in creating a custom drug testing policy for their businesses.

To learn more about our Salinas drug testing services, call us at (831) 322-3880 or contact us online today!

Comprehensive Drug Testing Options in Salinas

Fastest Labs® of Salinas offers a variety of drug testing services, each with its unique advantages. The right service for you will depend on your specific needs. Our Salinas-based Fastest Labs collectors are always ready to help, answering any questions and addressing all your concerns.

We offer the following types of drug tests in Salinas:

  • Urine – Provides immediate results with 1-3 days for positive result verification. This is the only approved method for federally mandated testing and is ideal for legal drug testing.
  • Hair – Delivers 1-3 day lab results and can detect up to 90 days of drug usage. This is an effective method to identify long-term drug usage in employees.
  • Saliva – Provides instant results with 1-3 days for positive result verification. This test can detect drug usage immediately after ingestion.
  • Fingernail – Delivers 1-3 day lab results and can detect up to 8 months of drug usage. This is an effective alternative to hair tests.
  • Sweat/Skin – Provides 1-3 day lab results following patch removal. This is a common method for monitoring drug usage during probation.
  • Specialty Testing– This method is ideal for testing for unknown substances, including heavy metals, toxins, and/or poisons.

Why Choose Fastest Labs of Salinas for Drug Testing?

No matter the service you choose, you can trust Fastest Labs of Salinas for accurate results. We strive to deliver your results quickly and ensure their complete reliability. Our procedures and protocols safeguard the integrity of each test, and our goal is to provide a spotless facility and a fast, affordable drug test in Salinas.

Ready to schedule your appointment in Salinas? Call us today at (831) 322-3880 or contact us online to get started!

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