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Drug & DNA Testing Services in Renton-Tukwila

Reliable Lab Results You Can Afford

Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila is your trusted, local solution for accurate DNA and drug testing results. Our full-service testing services deliver fast and detailed results.

We conduct on-site tests at our modern, sanitary laboratories. Our certified lab technicians can also come to you and collect samples at your business location with our mobile services.

Need lab testing in Renton with short wait times and instant results? We can help. Call us at (206) 483-1670 or request your appointment online.

Lab Testing Services Near You

We designed our lab tests to detect, measure, and gather informative biological data without error. We can test for genetic profiles, alcohol levels, and more!

Renton DNA Testing Services

Our Drug testing lab near you provides a variety of DNA tests to detect the presence and identity of drugs in an individual's system. DNA tests can range from simple urine or saliva screens, which are used to determine if someone has recently taken a drug, to more complex genetic analysis that looks for long-term exposure or addiction.

More sophisticated methods such as hair follicle analysis may be employed when other screening techniques fail due to their ability to accurately identify drugs even after they have been eliminated from the body. In addition, we now offer specialized services such as paternity testing and ancestry tracing using DNA samples collected during drug screenings.

Our full menu of services is available online. It includes:

Need same-day and after-hours lab testing? No problem. Just call us as we have these services available upon request.

Want to know more? Contact our Tukwila Drug and DNA testing experts at (206) 483-1670 or online.

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Fast & Easy Lab Testing Services

At Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila, we are proud to be your one-stop-shop for virtually any lab test. Whether you’re a concerned employer or a vigilant parent, you’ll be impressed by our rapid turnaround time.

Our testing process is streamlined and seamless – designed to eliminate sample contamination and tampering.

We promise to:

  • Ensure a secure chain of custody
  • Isolate all specimens in our immaculate and sanitized labs
  • Provide complete discretion and privacy
  • Perform thorough analyses
  • Provide detailed & fast reports

We are staunchly committed to affordability, customer service, and speed. We even go above and beyond to offer same-day and after-hours services (upon request).

Our top priority is to satisfy your needs –regardless of your situation.

Ready to receive high-quality test results you can trust? Call (206) 483-1670 or contact us online today!

Lab Testing Services in Renton-Tukwila - FAQ

How early can you do a paternity test?

The timing of paternity tests can vary depending on the specific method used and the circumstances of the test. Typically, paternity tests while pregnant are able to detect paternity with a high degree of accuracy using DNA analysis relatively early in a pregnancy, with most labs able to provide definitive results by the 10-week mark.

However, paternity tests can also be done at any time after birth, with paternity test DNA testing methods such as cheek swabs or blood samples typically providing accurate results in just a few days. Ultimately, the decision about when to do a paternity test will depend on individual circumstances, but it is generally recommended that paternity tests be performed as early as possible for optimal results.

For any other questions contact us today!

About Renton

The area where Renton is located was discovered by Native Americans thousands of years ago. In 1860, Erasmus Smithers started a dairy farm in 1860 that quickly became a success. Smithers realized he didn't need that much land, so he began selling it. This, and the boom of coal mines in the area, allowed Renton to officially become a town in 1901.

Renton has become one of Washington's ten largest communities with a population of 101,871 and is home to some of the world's biggest manufacturing, technology, and healthcare organizations. While it has easy access to Downtown Seattle and Tukwila, don't go too far; there's plenty to see here!

From Renton downtown's Civic Theatre's stunning neon display or the Renton History Museum's Art Deco firehouse finish, the unique style and art Renton has to offer is endless – making it a fun place to live and work!

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