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Hair Follicle Drug Tests in Renton-Tukwila

Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Hair Drug Testing

At Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila, we understand the stress that comes with waiting for drug test results. That's why we're committed to providing the fastest and most accurate hair drug testing services available. Our lab is conveniently located in Renton-Tukwila, WA area, making it easy for you to access our reliable testing services for hair follicle drug testing.

We use the latest technology to ensure that you receive accurate results in a timely manner. Additionally, our competitive rates make drug testing affordable for everyone. Partner with us and experience the convenience, accuracy, and affordability that our hair drug testing services have to offer!

Choose accuracy and speed with our hair follicle test near you! Call (206) 483-1670 or request an appointment today!

What is a Hair Follicle Test?

A hair follicle test is a trusted method of drug screening that examines around 90-120 strands of hair, approximately 1.5 inches long, taken directly from the subject's scalp. This type of testing can accurately identify drug use within the past 90 days. If body hair is provided, the detection period can extend up to a year.

Combined with a urine drug test, a hair follicle drug test provides a comprehensive view of drug usage, making it an ideal choice for employers with zero-tolerance policies and for legal proceedings.

Benefits of Hair Drug Tests

Hair follicle testing is favored by employers, parents, legal professionals, and individuals due to its accuracy and extensive detection capabilities.

Key benefits include:

  • Detection of drug use within the past 90 days or more
  • Results typically available within 1-2 days
  • Non-invasive sample collection process
  • No known reliable methods to cheat the test
  • One of the most accurate testing methods available

Hair follicle testing is a quick, affordable, and trustworthy option for employers, attorneys, government agencies, and military divisions to screen current or potential employees, clients, and others for drug use. Our comprehensive panel tests can detect a wide range of common and less-common illegal substances. We can also customize the test to screen for additional drugs based on your requirements.

Comprehensive Drug Testing Services

At Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila, we offer a wide range of drug testing services to meet your needs. In addition to hair follicle drug tests, we also provide urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, and more. Our state-of-the-art testing facility ensures fast, accurate, and reliable results every time.

Whether you need pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing for your employees, or court-ordered drug testing, we have you covered. Our experienced staff is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service and confidentiality throughout the testing process.

Choose Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila for all your drug testing needs and experience the fastest, most reliable testing services in the area.

Why Choose Our Renton-Tukwila Drug Testing Lab?

When it comes to drug testing, you want to choose a lab that is professional and trustworthy. That's why our Renton-Tukwila Drug Testing Lab is the clear choice. At Fastest Labs of Renton-Tukwila, we make it easy for you to get the results you need, with affordable, confidential hair follicle testing services and a friendly staff that will ensure a comfortable testing process.

Plus, we are committed to maintaining our facilities to the highest standards, providing you with a clean and welcoming environment for testing. And with our same-day testing services, you can get the answers you need quickly and efficiently. Choose us for your drug testing needs and see the difference that professionalism, expertise, and great service can make!

Get peace of mind faster with our rapid hair drug testing in Renton-Tukwila! Call (206) 483-1670 or request an appointment today!

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  • “George Baynes is a very pleasant, professional, knowledgeable worker at the Tacoma facility. He is fast and efficient. Enjoyed the whole experience of my appointment, it is also a clean and organized place of business.”
    - Amanda
  • “Made drug testing a fast, comfortable, efficient procedure. I appreciate his professionalism, positive attitude and kind personality.”
    - Derrick

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