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Lowell, AR Alcohol Testing Services

Reliable Alcohol Testing Services in Northwest Arkansas

Fastest Labs of NW Arkansas has over a decade of industry experience and a reputation for providing some of the most accurate drug and alcohol screening results at competitive prices. Our team is here to assist you whether you are an employer looking for DOT-certified alcohol testing, post-accident or court-ordered screening, or you are looking for alcohol testing for personal reasons. In most cases, we provide immediate results and always strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment as well as a convenient testing process. Our certified collectors and certified breath alcohol technicians can help you obtain a clear, accurate picture of an individual's alcohol use from the previous 24 hours to several months.

Looking for a saliva alcohol testing facility? Give us a call at (479) 309-1424 or request an appointment online now!

Comprehensive Alcohol Testing Options in Lowell

Fastest Labs is pleased to provide a comprehensive range of alcohol tests to meet any need. Our certified Fastest Labs collectors can assist you in determining the best screening procedure for your specific requirements, ranging from tests designed to detect very recent usage to those that provide insight into an individual's alcohol consumption over a few months.

We provide the following alcohol tests in Lowell:

  • Breathalyzer / Alcohol Testing
  • EtG Saliva Alcohol Testing
  • Hair Alcohol Testing
  • Fingernail Alcohol Testing
  • EtG / EtS Urine Alcohol Testing

Our tests are highly accurate and legally admissible. We can even help you develop and implement a workplace drug and alcohol policy, as well as conduct athletic or military testing. Our friendly, professional staff will help you decide which test or combination of tests is best for your needs.

Choose Fastest Labs for Quick & Accurate Alcohol Testing

Fastest Labs strives for the industry's quickest turnaround time, unlike many other labs that take days or weeks to return alcohol test results. You will be noticed the moment you walk through our doors. Our alcohol testing procedures are quick, discrete, and customized to your specific requirements. We make every effort to match or beat our competitors' prices, so you can be confident that you're getting some of the best alcohol testing services at the most affordable price.

Discover our accurate blood alcohol level tests by dialing (479) 309-1424 now!

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