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DNA Testing Services in Modesto, CA

Accurate, Confidential, and Timely Genetic Analysis

Establishing paternity can be crucial for various reasons, from personal to legal. At Fastest Labs of Modesto, we provide reliable DNA paternity testing services to help you find the answers you need. Our tests are conducted with utmost privacy and accuracy, ensuring peace of mind for all involved parties.

  • Highly accurate results
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Fast and reliable service

Legal DNA Test for Child Custody

When child custody is in question, a legal DNA test can be a definitive factor in court proceedings. Our court admissible DNA testing is performed with all the necessary protocols to be accepted in a court of law, making Fastest Labs of Modesto your trusted partner in sensitive family matters.

Key features of our legal DNA testing:

  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Accredited laboratory processing
  • Legal recognition for court cases

Same Day DNA Test Results

Time is often of the essence in DNA testing cases. Fastest Labs of Modesto provides same day DNA test results for many of our services, ensuring you get the timely information you require without sacrificing accuracy or confidentiality.

Ancestry DNA Testing Kits

Unlock the secrets of your lineage with our Ancestry DNA testing kits. Our detailed genetic analysis offers insights into your heritage, helping you connect with your roots and understand your family's history. Our user-friendly kits make it easy to collect your DNA sample in the comfort of your home.

Genetic Testing Labs

At Fastest Labs of Modesto, we believe that everyone should have access to quality genetic testing. That's why we strive to offer our services at competitive prices, making us one of the most affordable genetic testing labs in the area.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing

Establishing paternity before a child is born can be important for expectant parents. Our prenatal paternity DNA testing is a safe and non-invasive way to determine paternity as early as the first trimesters of pregnancy, providing early peace of mind.

Non-Invasive DNA Testing Options

Concerned about the DNA collection process? Fastest Labs of Modesto offers non-invasive DNA testing options that require only a simple cheek swab or a small sample of saliva. These methods are painless and can be performed quickly and easily.

Court Admissible DNA Testing

For DNA results to be recognized in legal proceedings, they must meet certain standards. Our court admissible DNA testing follows strict legal guidelines, ensuring that the results are suitable for use in court cases, including child custody, support disputes, and inheritance claims.

Local DNA Testing Clinics

Conveniently located in Modesto, our local DNA testing clinics are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals. We provide a comfortable and discreet environment for all your DNA testing needs.

DNA Test for Immigration Cases

Immigration cases often require proof of biological relationships. Our DNA test for immigration cases is designed to provide the necessary evidence to support petitions and applications, facilitating the immigration process with recognized and accredited results.

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