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Accurate Drug Testing Services Near You

Experience the benefits of a hair follicle drug test as your comprehensive solution to drug testing in McKinney, TX. This method examines around 90-120 strands of hair, each measuring approximately 1.5 inches, gathered right from the test subject's scalp.

Hair drug testing utilizes the most reliable way to detect drug use within the previous 90 days. If body hair serves as the sample, the test could even reveal drug use dating back as much as a year. When combined with a urine drug test, it provides a thorough, accurate overview of drug use, proving to be a valuable tool for employers enforcing "zero tolerance" practices or for those handling legal matters.

Choose Fastest Labs for Reliable Drug Testing 

Fastest Labs of McKinney offers high-quality, confidential hair drug testing services at industry-leading prices in McKinney. Our professional, certified collectors are committed to ensuring a comfortable testing experience and delivering prompt results, typically within just a 24-hour period. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean testing facility and providing an rapid, cost-effective hair drug testing services.

Benefits of Choosing Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Regardless of whether you're an employer, parent, legal professional, or individual, numerous reasons make hair follicle drug test a favored choice. Renowned for its accuracy, it's the most extensive testing method available.

Some of the key benefits of this method include:

  • Detects drug use from the past 90 days or longer
  • Delivers results within 1-2 days
  • Non-invasive sample collection
  • No known reliable methods to deceive a hair follicle drug test
  • Recognized as one of the most accurate testing methods

Hair drug testing is a swift, affordable, and dependable method employed by employers, attorneys, government agencies, and military units for current or potential employees, clients, or other individuals.

Our range of tests include panels for 5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and 19 which screen for a broad spectrum of both typical and less common illegal substances. We can even customize tests for specific drugs, according to your requirements.

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