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DOT Protocol Training

Ensuring Your Adherence to Strict DOT Standards

When it comes to DOT drug and alcohol testing or DOT physical examinations, it is not enough to simply carry out the required tests yourself. Because the Department of Transportation (DOT) is a governmental agency, it has very strict standards regarding DOT testing procedures. It's important that you ensure that the company you hire for DOT testing is aware of and follows all DOT protocols.

At FastestLabs®, we are fully DOT compliant. In fact, we are one of the top drug and alcohol testing facilities in the United States. Our team understands the importance of following all DOT procedures, from securing the chain of custody to adhering to all testing guidelines. We can ensure that your testing procedures are up to DOT standards and assist you with DOT protocol training so you are able to ensure the continued operation of your business or government agency.

What Are the DOT Testing Guidelines?

DOT has a wide range of regulations and testing standards that regulate everything from how a sample is collected to how it is transported, tested, reported, and more. Every detail, including who does the testing, must meet these stringent guidelines in order for you to remain DOT compliant.

Some examples of DOT testing guidelines include:

  • Sample Collectors: Urine sample collectors and medical examiners must meet certain education requirements before they are allowed to conduct DOT testing.
  • Collection Location: In order to ensure honesty, sample security is a major concern. The location of drug and alcohol testing must include a private room with a door and one toilet. Water sources must be secured before testing commences.
  • Sample Collection: Collectors must ensure that the sample cannot be tampered with or altered by securing water access, toilets, etc.

There are many other guidelines regarding the chain of custody, transportation of samples, sample analysis, and more. All individuals who come in contact with the sample that is being tested must be thoroughly trained on proper DOT protocols and must sign for the sample at each stage.

At Fastest Labs, we understand the various requirements of DOT testing. Our staff is fully certified and highly trained in the correct procedures, sample security, and breathalyzer testing. We can help you ensure that you fulfill the necessary protocols to remain DOT compliant and avoid having the results of a test thrown out. If you fall under one of the six safety-sensitive umbrellas, including FMCSA, FAA, FTA, USCG, FRA, and PHMSA, DOT testing will apply to you.

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