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Swift & Accurate DNA Results When You Need Them

For a reliable determination of paternity, DNA testing stands out as one of the most trustworthy methods. Fastest Labs of Grand Rapids is your go-to provider in Kentwood, MI, ensuring prompt and precise DNA test results at an affordable price, whether you require a legal paternity test for personal or legal reasons.

Seeking a walk-in or same-day paternity test in Kentwood? We've got you covered. Call us at (616) 208-5902 or request your appointment online today.


As a generally non-invasive and straightforward procedure, a DNA test requires minimal involvement for the individuals being tested. The entire process—from testing to the arrival of results—typically takes between 2-3 days.

The steps involved in a paternity test at Fastest Labs of Grand Rapids include:

  1. The two individuals being tested visit our clean, comfortable facilities.
  2. One of our certified collectors conducts a buccal swab inside the test subjects’ cheeks.
  3. Both samples are analyzed in our lab for repeating DNA sequences.
  4. Once results are available, they are provided to the relevant parties as soon as possible.

At Fastest Labs of Grand Rapids, we ensure the DNA samples we collect are not contaminated or altered in any way, providing you with completely confidential results. Our Kentwood lab adheres to stringent industry standards, following proper protocols to ensure your test results are 100% accurate and haven't been tampered with.

Moreover, our DNA testing stands up to legal guidelines, making it an ideal court-admissible option for custody hearings or other legal disputes.


Contrary to dramatic portrayals on daytime talk shows, the need for DNA testing often arises from practical and important reasons. Common scenarios include:

  • Confirmation of fatherhood
  • Proving the right to child support
  • Asserting the right to custody/visitation
  • Claiming government/military benefits on behalf of the child
  • Asserting the right to inherit
  • Legal parenthood disputes
  • Personal reasons

Regardless of the reason, trust Fastest Labs of Grand Rapids to provide swift, exact, and affordable testing solutions for customers in and around Kentwood. In addition to DNA testing, we offer a broad range of services, including athletic testing, post-accident drug and alcohol testing, student testing, ancestry testing, and more.

Call (616) 208-5902 or reach out online to learn more about our DNA testing services in Kentwood. Our paternity tests are quick, reliable, and non-invasive.

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