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Important Message From Fastest Labs Regarding Covid-19

As new regulations are being imposed by local and government officials alike, we at Fastest Labs® are highly encouraging all employers to keep their employees away from all medical testing facilities for a simple drug screen.

With the increase in traffic at local walk in medical facilities, work force medical clinics are experiencing increased volumes for patient services due to flu, fever and other heightened health concerns. We urge all employers to keep employees away from these type of medical testing facilities for drug testing for two reasons:

1. Help these facilities create room and time to treat the infirmed
2. Help your employees avoid exposure to medical waiting rooms and the potential spread of sickness in your organization.

At Fastest Labs®, we are not a medical testing facility, we are a drug testing franchise that specializes in offering clean, fast and affordable services. Our niche is simple, we are committed to assisting your employees and candidates immediately upon their arrival. They will not wait in a lobby full of ill people for 30 minutes to an hour like in most other medical testing facilities. We typically have individuals in and out in 5 to 10 minutes, so that they are back on the job immediately. In addition to assisting your applicants immediately, we can send you rapid test results, typically before your employee leaves our parking lot. In addition to Rapid testing we also offer the DOT Random Program required by all FMCSA truck drivers.

Just like you Fastest Labs® is diligently monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The health and safety of individuals and employees is of the utmost importance.

Fastest Labs® will remain open regular business hours going forward unless otherwise specified from us directly. At Fastest Labs we have performed and will continue to perform deep cleaning to sanitize even more then our usual cleanliness in our locations. Fastest Labs® does not test for COVID-19, nor do we medically treat customers with illnesses. Our services are completely non medical.

At Fastest Labs® we pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our offices when servicing your employees. We will continue to perform around the clock cleaning and sanitizing with all CDC approved products.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly!