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Instant Vs Lab Based Urine Test

Both instant and lab based urine tests have their purpose and it is important to know the differences when selecting which test to take. A urine drug test is the only method approved for federally mandated drug testing programs. If you are required by federal guidelines to be drug-tested, you must obtain a urine drug test.

For most cases, an instant urine drug test will be the most convenient and cost effective option. Most employers and background screenings will accept a rapid urine drug test. Unlike a lab based urine drug test that take a few days to process, a urinalysis from one of our locations provides instant results. As soon as we have your sample, we can test it and immediately detect metabolites of any of the substances you have selected to test for. This is an accurate way to get fast drug testing results.

A lab based urine drug test is almost always recommended when the results need to be legally admissible as evidence in a court proceeding or when the test subject has a prescription for a controlled substance that will show up on a drug test. In legal cases, if only an instant drug urinalysis is submitted it will be subject to critique as the results could be argued as unreliable. With a more advanced lab drug test, the results will be able to withstand legal challenge. If the test subject has a prescription for controlled substances, a lab based urinalysis is optimal as each individual prescription can be signed off and verified.

No matter which urinalysis is needed, our Fastest Labs™ urine drug testing is always done quickly, professionally, and accurately, in accordance with federal requirements and best practices.