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Child Custody Drug Testing

What is a Child Custody Drug Test? 

Several states allow the family court to order drug testing. Testing can be completed to determine whether or not a parent is currently using narcotics or other controlled substances, or to verify compliance with a drug treatment program. Because drug use can interfere with an individual’s ability to make sound decisions in the best interest of their child, parental drug use is a concern during child custody proceedings.

Most of the time it will take more than a mere allegation of drug use to get the court to order a child custody drug test. Other factors the court considers include the state of the parent’s relationship with the child, the condition of the home environment, a history of violence, and any convictions related to drug or alcohol use. In some cases, witnesses may be called upon to attest to the parent’s character or to relay personal observations of the parent using illicit substances.

Procedural Considerations

In the event that the family court decides to order drug testing, it can be ordered as a one-time precaution or on an ongoing basis. In many states the frequency is at the judge’s discretion. When a child custody drug test is ordered, most states will require specific procedural safeguards to ensure the test results are accurate, and that the rights of the parent are not violated.

It’s not uncommon for states to approve child custody drug testing sites, and to put other precautions in place to protect the rights of the parent being tested. States or the court may also require that the test utilized is the least invasive available, and that the parent being tested has the right to challenge a positive test result.

Why Fastest Labs is Your Best Child Custody Drug Testing Choice

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