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Blogs from November, 2023

Drug testing has become an integral part of maintaining a safe and productive workplace in various industries. Whether you're in healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, or any other sector, ensuring a drug-free environment is crucial for the well-being of your employees and the success of your business. However, not all drug test panels are created equal. To achieve the best results and meet industry-specific requirements, it's essential to customize drug test panels tailored to your industry's needs. Fastest Labs of St. Pete understands this importance and is here to help you make the right choices. We want everyone to know significance of customizing drug test panels and explain how our services are a great fit in helping you achieve a safer and more compliant workplace.

The Importance of Industry-Specific Drug Testing

Every industry has its unique challenges and risks, which is why a one-size-fits-all approach to drug testing may not be effective. Here are some key reasons why industry-specific drug testing panels are essential:

  1. Safety First:

In industries such as transportation, construction, and healthcare, employee safety is paramount. Employees under the influence of drugs pose a significant risk to themselves and others. Customized drug test panels help identify substances that are most likely to impair an employee's ability to perform their job safely.

  1. Legal Compliance:

Different industries are subject to specific regulations and standards concerning drug testing. Non-compliance can lead to legal issues, fines, and even the revocation of licenses. Customized drug test panels help you stay in compliance with industry-specific regulations, reducing your legal liabilities.

  1. Cost Efficiency:

Standard drug test panels often include a wide range of substances, many of which may not be relevant to your industry. Customizing your drug test panel allows you to focus on detecting substances that are most likely to be abused in your specific line of work. This not only saves money but also reduces unnecessary testing.

  1. Employee Well-being:

A drug-free workplace promotes a healthier, happier workforce. By targeting the substances most prevalent in your industry, you can provide employees with the support they need to overcome addiction and lead healthier lives.

Customizing Your Drug Test Panel

When it comes to customizing drug test panels for your industry, several factors need to be considered:

Substance Prevalence- Analyze the substances that are most commonly abused in your industry. Focus on including these substances in your drug test panel.

Regulatory Requirements- Research the drug testing regulations specific to your industry. Ensure that your customized panel aligns with these requirements to avoid legal issues.

Budget Constraints- Consider your budget and prioritize the substances that are most critical to detect. Customization allows you to allocate your resources efficiently.

Company Culture- Reflect on your company's values and culture. A drug test panel that aligns with your company's mission and goals can help maintain a cohesive and drug-free work environment.

Now, let's explore the range of drug test panels offered by Fastest Labs.

Our Drug Test Panels

When it comes to obtaining an accurate picture of an individual's drug use history, our range of drug test panel options at Fastest Labs is the answer. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure swift and meticulous testing, with most appointments taking only 15 minutes from start to finish.

Our drug test panels cater to your specific needs:

  1. The 5-Panel Drug Test: This option screens for commonly abused substances such as cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, opiates, and PCP.
  2. The 10-Panel Drug Test: Expanding upon the 5-Panel test, this comprehensive panel includes the aforementioned drugs along with barbiturates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, ecstasy/MDMA, and methadone.
  3. The 12-Panel Drug Test: For the most extensive screening, our 12-Panel test encompasses the drugs in the 10-Panel test plus buprenorphine and oxycodone.

Fastest Labs of St. Pete also offers the ability to test for a range of additional substances, including methaqualone, propoxyphene, nicotine, K2 synthetic marijuana, tramadol, tricyclic-antidepressants (TCA), fentanyl, and bath salts.

In most instances, we provide immediate results. However, when a non-negative result occurs, indicating the presence of trace amounts of drugs, we recommend further testing in our GC/MS accredited laboratory. These tests are highly reactive and can be influenced by various factors, necessitating a review by a certified medical review officer (MRO) to ensure accuracy and fairness. We offer a variety of testing methods and procedures tailored to your specific requirements, including convenient mobile, on-site drug testing for random screenings and ongoing programs.

Fastest Labs of St. Pete: Your Partner in Customized Drug Testing

Fastest Labs of St. Pete understands that not all industries have the same drug testing requirements. We offer a wide range of customizable drug test panels designed to meet your industry's specific needs. Here's how we can assist you in achieving a safer and more compliant workplace:

Industry Expertise:

Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of industry-specific drug testing requirements. We work closely with you to understand your industry's unique challenges and tailor drug test panels accordingly.

Comprehensive Testing:

We offer a variety of drug testing options, including urine, saliva, hair, and more. Our customizable panels can detect a wide range of substances, ensuring that your testing is accurate and thorough.

Timely Results:

Fastest Labs of St. Pete is committed to providing fast and reliable results. We understand the importance of quick turnaround times in maintaining a drug-free workplace.


We prioritize the confidentiality of both employers and employees throughout the testing process. Your information is secure with us, and we strictly adhere to all privacy regulations.

Compliance Assistance:

Staying compliant with industry-specific regulations can be challenging. Our experts can guide you through the legal requirements and help you create a drug testing program that meets all necessary standards.

Your Tailored Drug Testing Solution

Customizing drug test panels for your industry is a pivotal step toward ensuring a safer, more compliant, and productive workplace. Fastest Labs of St. Pete is your trusted partner in tailoring drug testing solutions that align with your industry's unique requirements. By collaborating with us, you can safeguard your employees' well-being, mitigate legal risks, and establish a drug-free environment that fosters the overall success of your business. Contact Fastest Labs of St. Pete today to discover how our customizable drug test panels can support your industry's specific needs. Together, we can build a safer and healthier workplace for all.