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At Fastest Labs of Scottsdale

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in drug, alcohol, and DNA testing for individuals and corporations, both large and small.

On the corporate side, we have done testing/screening on employees and candidates of Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small and medium sized companies. For companies governed by the Department of Transportation, we have experience with 49 CFR Part 40 and can write and implement drug and alcohol policies for these companies as well as non-DOT governed companies.

For individuals, we want to make sure we give our clients the correct tests that they actually need so that they don’t pay for a test they don’t need. We help families that want to see if their teens are vaping or using drugs or alcohol. We also help individuals that are having disputes over child custody.

Fastest Labs was established over 11 years ago, and our location has been open since October, 2018. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and fast results. Fastest Labs of Scottsdale focuses on providing a safe drug-free work environment for small to large companies. We also help individuals and families with their personal testing needs which include monitoring and/or surprise testing for drug, alcohol, nicotine and other substances of abuse. One of the most rewarding benefits of our business is creating personal long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Joe Delaney

My name is Joe Delaney, and I am one of the managers of Fastest Labs of Scottsdale. I have a very rich background in management, business development, relationship management and customer service.

It has always been my dream to be an Entrepreneur. I grew up in Philadelphia and then served four years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps. After my time in the USMC, I went to college and received a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a minor in accounting. Since college, I have spent over 25 years in multiple industries but have always worked in areas that required that I keep my clients satisfied at as high a level as possible.

Fumiko Sato

My name is Fumiko Sato, and I am one of the managers of Fastest Labs of Scottsdale. I have a very rich background in relationship management and customer service.

I grew up in Japan in a region that is close to Mount Fuji. When I was 19 I moved to the United States to go to college and learn English. Many years later, I am still here and love living in Arizona.

I enjoy helping our clients and want to make sure that we are providing them with a service that helps them and those close to them.

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