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Reliable Paternity Testing Services in San Antonio

Accurate DNA Paternity Testing in San Antonio

At Fastest Labs NW San Antonio, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable paternity testing. Our state-of-the-art San Antonio DNA test laboratory and experienced professionals ensure fast and accurate results, providing you with the answers you need.

The paternity test process involves four key steps:

  • Efficient DNA Sample Collection: We use non-invasive buccal swabs for DNA sample collection. These swabs are painless and easy to use. We can also accommodate other sample types, such as blood or other bodily fluids, depending on the situation and your needs.

  • Advanced Laboratory DNA Analysis: Once the samples are collected, they are carefully processed in our advanced laboratory by our experienced and certified technicians. We extract DNA from the samples and create DNA profiles for each individual.

  • Detailed DNA Comparison and Analysis: The DNA profiles of the alleged father and child are compared to identify genetic similarities or differences. Our advanced testing methods ensure accurate and reliable results. DNA paternity testing can be completed with 99% accuracy!

  • Comprehensive Results and Reporting: Once the analysis is complete, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the probability of paternity. Our San Antonio paternity test reports are easy to understand and include a clear explanation of the results.

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What Is a Paternity DNA Test & How Does It Work?

A DNA paternity test is a scientific test that compares the DNA of a child with that of the alleged father to determine whether they are biologically related.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the genetic material that makes up every living organism. Each person has their own unique DNA, which is passed down from their parents. Paternity tests can be used to confirm or rule out paternity in cases where there is uncertainty about who the father is.

The test itself is simple and only requires a cheek swab from both parties. With Fastest Labs NW San Antonio, the results of the test are usually available within 2-3 days. Our San Antonio DNA paternity tests are reliable and accurate, and they provide peace of mind for all parties involved.

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing Available in San Antonio

If you're looking to establish paternity while pregnant, Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) is a potential option. This test can be performed as early as 8 weeks into the pregnancy. NIPT requires a blood sample from the mother and a simple cheek swab from the father. NIPT measures tiny fragments of the baby's DNA that circulate in the mother's bloodstream, often called cell-free DNA (cfDNA), to establish a biological relationship. By analyzing the baby's DNA and comparing it to the alleged father's, the test can exclude him as the biological father or provide a likelihood of paternity.

NIPT has a minor chance of error, usually less than 1%, as some factors can influence its accuracy. However, the procedure is significantly less invasive than other prenatal paternity tests, as it only requires a simple blood draw from the mother and a cheek swab from the alleged father.

Top Reasons to Get a Paternity Test in San Antonio

There are many reasons one may wish to conduct a paternity test, whether for personal reasons or to aid in the resolution of a legal dispute. If there is any doubt about who the father of a child is, a paternity test can provide conclusive evidence. This is important not only for the child, but also for the parents, as it can help to establish legal and financial responsibility, as well as custody rights.

Parents may schedule a San Antonio paternity test at our facility to:

  • Establish Child Support Claims: If you are a mother who is not married to the father of your child, you may be entitled to receive child support from him. In order to receive child support, however, you may need to prove that the man is the father of your child through a paternity test.
  • Secure Custody and Visitation Rights: A man who believes he is the father of a child may wish to schedule a paternity test to aid in the pursuit of custody or visitation rights. A court-admissible DNA paternity test can help him establish a valuable relationship with his biological child.
  • Access Vital Genetic Information: Paternity tests can also provide access to important genetic information, which can be used for medical purposes, such as determining whether a child is at risk for certain inherited diseases. This information can also be used for genealogical research.

Choose San Antonio's Trusted Paternity Testing Service

Fastest Labs NW San Antonio provides a secure and efficient solution to your paternity testing needs. Our certified team of experienced professionals provides accurate results quickly using advanced technology with rapid turnaround times. You can rely on us for:

  • Fast and accurate results
  • Affordable prices
  • Court-admissible paternity tests
  • Superior customer service

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FAQs on Paternity Testing in San Antonio

How long does it take to get paternity test results?

With our efficient and streamlined process at Fastest Labs NW San Antonio, you'll receive your paternity test results in just 2-3 days following your initial visit. Yes, you read that right - we pride ourselves on being FAST! This quick turnaround time allows for minimal stress and waiting, enabling you to move forward swiftly with the necessary legal or personal processes.

How accurate are paternity tests?

Paternity tests have become a cornerstone of modern DNA testing due to their remarkable accuracy. These tests, which are deemed the most reliable testing method available, can determine paternity with near-absolute certainty. They can confirm whether an individual is the father with about 99.9% accuracy and confirm that an individual is not the father with 100% accuracy.

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