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Employer Testing Solutions in Orlando, FL

Keep Your Workplace Drug-Free With Employee Drug Testing

When maintaining a productive, safe, and compliant workplace, rigorous employee testing is essential. The employer testing solutions provided by Fastest Labs empower business owners and HR professionals with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their testing needs. We strive to ensure peace of mind through our advanced, hassle-free testing services that serve organizations across various industries.

Benefits for Employers

Fastest Labs of NW Orlando prides itself on offering comprehensive testing services and solutions. Here are just a few benefits you can expect:

  • Reliable Screening Process: Our testing is reliable and accurate, ensuring that the results you receive are a true reflection of your employees' status. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry best practices to maintain the highest standards in testing.

  • Quick Turnaround Time: In the business world, time is money. Our fast turnaround times (instant in most cases!) allow you to make quick, informed decisions regarding your workforce without unnecessary delays.

  • Compliance with Industry Standards: Compliance is crucial for legal and safety reasons. Fastest Labs guarantees that our testing adheres to the strictest industry and legal standards, providing a robust defense for your workplace policies.

Are you an employer in Orlando seeking testing solutions for your team? Contact us today online or at (407) 863-9148.

Types of Testing We Offer

Drug Testing:

Our drug testing services include test types such as urine, saliva, and hair to detect a broad spectrum of drugs.

Background Checks:

Carrying out proper background checks is a critical step in the pre-employment process. Our thorough background checks give employers the information needed to make hiring decisions with confidence and security.

Alcohol Testing:

Our alcohol testing services equip employers with the tools needed to address and prevent such incidents, fostering a safer work environment.

Some of our most popular testing services for employers also include:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • On-site testing
  • Consortium services
  • Random programs
  • Policy creation/implementation
  • Program management
  • DOT-compliant testing
  • For-cause testing
  • DOT audit preparation

Our Testing Process

Understanding the testing process can alleviate any concerns or misconceptions about the experience. When you count on our services, you can expect:

  1. Scheduling Testing: Whether it's pre-employment, random, or post-accident testing, scheduling is a breeze with Fastest Labs. Our streamlined processes ensure that testing is convenient for you and your employees.

  2. Sample Collection: Our trained professionals make sample collection as comfortable and as non-invasive as possible, while also being meticulous about protocol to ensure accurate test results.

  3. Reporting Results: Fastest Labs provides clear and comprehensive reports, allowing you to act confidently and in line with your HR policies and legal obligations.

By opting for our team’s services, employers will benefit from a well-run program that contributes to their workplace's overall efficiency and safety. Our approach to employer testing goes beyond mere compliance — it is about building trust, assuring safety, and achieving workplace excellence. For businesses looking to elevate their testing standards, partnering with Fastest Labs of NW Orlando is the clear choice.

Call (407) 863-9148 or request an appointment online to get started with employer testing solutions in Orlando.

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