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Paternity Testing in Columbus, OH

Fast & Accurate DNA Paternity Testing Near You

Fastest Labs proudly offers credible paternity testing services for both personal and legal purposes. We offer a variety of testing options, including home paternity testing kits and legal paternity testing services.

Our home paternity testing kit is easy to use and provides fast, confidential results. The kit includes everything you need to collect DNA samples from the alleged father and child, including cheek swabs and detailed instructions. Once the samples are collected, they can be sent to the Fastest Labs of North Columbus testing facility for analysis.

For legal paternity testing, Fastest Labs offers chain of custody testing that meets legal admissibility requirements. This type of testing ensures that the samples are collected and analyzed in a way that meets legal standards and can be used as evidence in court.

Dial (614) 980-0838 or request an appointment online for your paternity test in Columbus today!

What Is Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is a type of genetic testing that is used to determine the biological father of a child. This testing is often used in legal cases, such as child support disputes or custody battles, or for personal reasons, such as confirming the identity of a biological father.

There are several methods that can be used for paternity testing, including:

  1. DNA testing: This is the most common type of paternity testing and involves comparing the DNA of the alleged father to the DNA of the child. This is done by collecting a sample of cells, usually through a cheek swab, from both the alleged father and child and analyzing their DNA profiles. DNA testing can be done during pregnancy as well, using a procedure called chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis.

  2. Blood group testing: This type of testing looks at the blood type of the alleged father and child. While blood group testing is not as accurate as DNA testing, it can be useful in cases where DNA testing is not possible or desired.

  3. Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT): NIPT is a newer type of testing that can be used to determine paternity during pregnancy. This type of testing analyzes the DNA of the fetus in the mother's bloodstream, which can be collected through a simple blood draw.

Paternity testing can provide important information for legal and personal reasons. However, it's important to choose a reputable and reliable testing provider to ensure accurate and confidential results. At Fastest Labs of North Columbus, we take the greatest care in ensuring that all samples are uncontaminated and that the results of your test are delivered with care.

How Does the Paternity Test Process Work?

At Fastest Labs in North Columbus, OH, we use advanced DNA testing methods to perform paternity tests accurately and reliably. The process involves comparing DNA samples from the child, alleged father, and, if available, the biological mother.

The collected samples are sent to our trusted laboratory for analysis, where our expert technicians compare the DNA profiles of the tested individuals, examining specific genetic markers. By comparing these markers, we can establish the probability of paternity, providing you with conclusive results.

When To Schedule A DNA Paternity Test

There are various situations where you might consider scheduling a paternity test. Some common reasons include:

  • To confirm biological fatherhood: If there is any doubt or uncertainty about the identity of a child's biological father, a paternity test can provide confirmation.

  • To establish legal parentage: In legal situations such as child support disputes, custody battles, or adoption proceedings, a paternity test may be required to establish legal parentage.

  • To resolve family disputes: In situations where there is tension or disagreement within a family, a paternity test can provide clarity and help resolve disputes related to paternity.

  • To obtain government benefits: In some cases, such as applying for child support or other government benefits, a paternity test may be required to establish paternity and eligibility.

It's important to keep in mind that paternity testing can have emotional and psychological implications, particularly if the results are unexpected or unwanted. It's a good idea to carefully consider the potential outcomes of paternity testing and seek professional counseling or support if needed.

Why Choose Our Paternity Testing Lab Near You

When it comes to paternity testing, you need a lab that prioritizes accuracy, privacy, and customer service. At our Columbus lab, we understand that these tests are not just services—they can be life-changing. That's why we strive to provide an exceptional experience for every client who walks through our doors.

Here's why you should choose us for your paternity testing needs:

  1. The Cleanest Labs: We pride ourselves on maintaining the cleanest, most professional, and consumer-friendly lab facilities in the industry.

  2. Exceptional Customer Service: Your paternity test is more than just a procedure. We're here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

  3. Short Wait Times: We value your time. Unlike many other labs, we won't make you wait—we'll assist you within five minutes of your arrival.

  4. Instant Test Results: We understand the importance of quick results. In most cases, we provide instant, accurate test results.

  5. Affordable Prices: We believe that important tests like paternity testing shouldn't break the bank. We offer competitive rates, online discounts, and special promotions to ensure affordability.

Whether you're verifying paternity or seeking any other DNA test, you can count on us for top-quality services and fast, reliable results. We're committed to providing a personalized experience tailored to your specific needs.

Experience the difference of a lab that prioritizes your needs and delivers outstanding service. Contact us today to schedule your paternity test today!

Consult with a Columbus DNA paternity test specialist by dialing (614) 980-0838 or request an appointment online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are paternity tests?

Paternity tests conducted at Fastest Labs in North Columbus, OH are highly accurate. We utilize state-of-the-art technology and follow stringent quality control measures to ensure reliable and precise results. The accuracy rate for paternity tests is typically over 99%. By examining specific genetic markers and comparing DNA profiles between the child and the alleged father, our experienced professionals can provide you with conclusive evidence regarding the biological relationship.

We understand the significance of accurate results when it comes to establishing paternity, and we strive to deliver the highest level of accuracy and confidence in our testing services. You can trust Fastest Labs in North Columbus, OH for dependable and accurate paternity test results that will help you make informed decisions with clarity and peace of mind.

How Much is a Paternity Test?

The cost of a paternity test can vary depending on several factors, including the specific type of test required and the number of individuals involved in the testing process. We offer competitive pricing for our paternity tests at Fastest Labs in North Columbus, OH.

We understand the importance of affordability while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. We recommend contacting our knowledgeable team directly to obtain accurate pricing information tailored to your situation. They will guide you through the process, assess your specific needs, and provide detailed pricing options to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution for your paternity testing needs.

How Early Can You Do a Paternity Test?

We recommend waiting until the child is born before conducting a paternity test. The accuracy and reliability of paternity test results are significantly higher when the child has been born. It is also safer for both mother and child.

However, consulting with our professionals to discuss specific cases and circumstances is important. Our experienced team can provide guidance based on your situation and help determine the optimal time for conducting the paternity test. We are dedicated to providing accurate results and ensuring the best possible experience throughout the testing process.

How Long Does a Paternity Test Take?

We understand the importance of timely results for paternity tests. The exact turnaround time for paternity test results may vary depending on various factors, including the type of test. However, in most cases, you can expect to receive your paternity test results within a few business days to a week. Our team is committed to providing accurate and expedited results without compromising quality. We prioritize efficient testing procedures to ensure you receive the conclusive results you need in a timely manner.

If you're considering scheduling a paternity test, it's important to choose a reputable testing provider and discuss any concerns or questions you may have with them before proceeding.

For more information on our paternity tests near you, call (614) 980-0838 or contact us online to speak with our Columbus team today!

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