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Top-Rated Drug & Alcohol Testing for Employers 

Fastest Labs of Boise is a leading provider of drug testing services, offering a range of tests to detect various substances. We collaborate with our clients to develop custom drug-testing packages tailored to their needs. Our six most popular tests include:

  • Urine testing – Quick results with federally approved methods.
  • Hair testing – Detects up to 90 days of drug usage.
  • Saliva testing – Immediate detection with instant results.
  • Fingernail testing – Long-term detection up to 8 months.
  • Sweat/Skin – Effective for continuous monitoring.
  • Specialty testing – Identifies unknown substances and toxins.

Interested in our drug-testing services for Boise employers? Call us today at (208) 408-8197 or request an appointment online to get started!

Reliable Drug Test Results for Businesses

At Fastest Labs of Boise, we prioritize accuracy and efficiency in our drug testing services, ensuring businesses receive the information they need swiftly.

Our professionals adhere to strict protocols and use cutting-edge methods for dependable results. We offer a range of testing programs, including pre-employment, random, and post-accident testing, customized to your business needs.

Advantages of choosing our services:

  • Quick and precise results
  • Adherence to industry standards
  • Guaranteed confidentiality
  • Various convenient testing methods
  • Flexible scheduling for businesses

Choose our comprehensive drug testing services for informed decision-making. Contact Fastest Labs of Boise to discover more about our offerings.

Trusted Drug Testing Provider

With over a decade of expertise, we deliver top-quality drug testing to Boise's employers, parents, students, and individuals, ensuring rapid and accurate results. Our facilities are known for their cleanliness, and our certified collectors uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and precision.

We can manage all types of drug testing and collaborate with employers to develop a bespoke drug testing policy for their company.

Boise's Customized Drug Testing Programs for Employers

Understanding that each business has unique needs, Fastest Labs of Boise provides tailored drug testing solutions. From pre-employment to post-accident testing, we deliver accurate and prompt results.

Why our customized solutions stand out:

  • Regulatory compliance: We ensure your program meets all legal standards.
  • Enhanced safety: A comprehensive program contributes to a safer workplace.
  • Boosted productivity: Addressing drug use can lead to better workplace performance.
  • Reputation protection: Show your commitment to a drug-free environment.
  • Cost-effective: Save resources while maintaining safety with our solutions.

Whether you're a small or large business, Fastest Labs of Boise is ready to serve your drug testing needs. Reach out to us for more information.

For more information about our employer drug testing services in Boise, call us at (208) 408-8197 or contact us online today. 

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