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Individual Testing in Concord

At Fastest Labs of Concord, we're dedicated to providing you with the clarity and confidence you need through accurate and reliable individual testing services. Whether you're navigating legal matters, pursuing employment opportunities, or simply seeking personal peace of mind, we offer a comprehensive range of testing options to empower your decisions.

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Experience the Fastest Labs Difference

At Fastest Labs of Concord, we prioritize your experience. Our facilities are clean and modern to ensure your comfort during testing. Our certified collectors are experienced professionals, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient process. We leverage advanced testing methods to deliver the most accurate results possible, often within the same day or next business day for lab-based tests. Most importantly, we understand the sensitivity of your situation. Discretion and confidentiality are paramount, and we handle all testing and results with the utmost respect for your privacy.

A Tailored Testing Solution for Every Need

Drug Testing: Unveiling Recent and Past Substance Use

Urine Drug Testing: This is our most frequently chosen testing option. It offers a wide variety of panels to detect the presence of various substances in your system. These panels can be customized to target specific drugs or provide a comprehensive screening. Urine drug testing is a reliable method for detecting recent drug use, typically within a window of a few days to a few weeks depending on the substance and the specific panel used.

Hair Follicle Drug Testing: Looking for a method that detects drug use over a longer period? Hair follicle testing is the answer. This method analyzes hair strands, which can trap drug traces for weeks or even months depending on hair length. This makes it ideal for extended screening purposes, such as pre-employment testing where a longer history of drug use is relevant.

DNA Testing: Unraveling the Threads of Family History

Paternity Testing: This highly accurate and court-admissible test definitively establishes legal fatherhood. It can be used for various purposes, including child support cases, establishing inheritance rights, or simply gaining peace of mind about familial bonds.

Maternity Testing: Confirm biological motherhood with this reliable DNA test. This option can be valuable for resolving questions about parentage, immigration purposes, or simply for personal knowledge about your family history.

DOT Testing: Ensuring Safety on the Road

DOT Drug Testing: Our DOT drug testing services comply with all the latest federal regulations mandated by the DOT. We offer a variety of DOT drug testing panels to screen for the presence of illegal substances in your system, helping to ensure a safe and drug-free work environment.

DOT Alcohol Testing: Alcohol use can significantly impair driving ability and endanger lives on the road. Our DOT alcohol testing services include breathalyzer testing to accurately measure Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and ensure compliance with DOT regulations.

Alcohol Testing: Assessing Blood Alcohol Content 

Breathalyzer Testing: This is a widely recognized and non-invasive method for measuring Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). A breathalyzer analyzes your breath to detect the presence of alcohol and provides a digital readout of your BAC level. Breathalyzer testing is a quick and convenient option for determining your level of intoxication for legal purposes, such as DUI enforcement or workplace safety checks, or for personal reasons like monitoring your alcohol consumption.

EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) Testing: This alternative method offers a different perspective on alcohol use. While breathalyzer tests detect current intoxication, EtG testing can identify recent alcohol consumption within a window of several days to a week or more (depending on the specific test used). This method analyzes a urine sample to detect the presence of EtG, a byproduct of alcohol metabolism in the body. EtG testing can be valuable in situations where monitoring past alcohol use is relevant, such as court-ordered testing for probation or parole violations, or for personal reasons like tracking progress in managing alcohol use.

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