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Early Detection Gender Testing in Columbus, GA

The question every expecting parent wants to know: “is it a boy or a girl?” At just 7 weeks of pregnancy, our early detection gender testing services can provide you with an answer to this question – with 99.5% accuracy. Provided by Peekaboo, the most accurate early baby gender reveal test, Fastest Labs® is proud to offer this revolutionary test to give you the answers you want.

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Peekaboo Early Detection Gender Testing

Peekaboo early detection gender testing is a testing procedure completed by collecting a small blood sample from the mother. Once collected, the blood is tested and quickly confirms the baby’s gender with 99.5% certainty in as quickly as 1 business day. While there are several early detection gender testing services available on the market, the accuracy, speed, and affordability of Peekaboo continue to go unmatched.

Some reasons why Peekaboo is chosen over other early detection tests:

  • Better Process – With Peekaboo, you can get complete the test as early as 7 weeks of pregnancy. Compared to the traditional ultrasound gender detection completed at 18 – 22 weeks typically, Peekaboo gives your results up to 13 weeks earlier.
  • Faster Results – Within 24 hours of Peekaboo receiving the sample, you’ll have your results. The 1-day turnaround time is just another reason why Peekaboo is the superior choice.
  • Affordable Test – Peekaboo is far cheaper than major competitors. With some of the lowest prices on the market, this test is designed to be more affordable for new parents.

Endorsed by The American Pregnancy Association (APA), a national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through education, support, advocacy, and community awareness, Peekaboo is an industry leader in providing parents with accurate early gender detection testing.

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At Fastest Labs of Columbus, GA, we’re a mission to provide our local and surrounding communities with reliable and accurate testing services in Columbus, GA and beyond. Backed by a national franchise network with more than a decade of experience, our locally owned and operated team is here to provide you with reliable testing when you need it most. From our comfortable waiting rooms to friendly and professional lab collectors, there’s no reason why clients continue to turn to us for our testing services.

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