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Drug & Alcohol Testing for Students

Reliable Results. Affordable Rates.

If you are a current college student or recent graduate, you may soon be required to undergo drug and/or alcohol testing as you prepare to enter the workforce. At FastestLabs®, we know just how important the results of these tests are. Many employers will not hire individuals who fail to pass a drug or alcohol test as part of the application process. We offer completely confidential, fast, and accurate drug and alcohol testing for students and recent college graduates. Whether you are applying for a corporate position or wish to obtain a summer internship, our friendly, professional staff can help you with same-day test results. We offer special discounts, including $10 off your 10-panel drug test (call for details) in order to make the process easier and more affordable than ever.

Types of Student Testing Services We Offer

One of the main questions we receive from students or recent graduates about drug testing is how long it takes for drugs to leave their system. Many individuals want to know if traces of drugs can be detected long after a drug was ingested. The answer will depend on the type of drug that was taken, as well as the method in which it was ingested, the weight of the individual, and other various factors.

At Fastest Labs, we offer a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services for students, including screening for:

  • Employment applications
  • Internship applications
  • Collegiate athletics
  • Graduate applications
  • And more!

Students Receive $10 off a 10-Panel Drug Test*

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Our standard 5, 10, and 12-panel drug tests screen for a variety of substances, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin/opiates, ecstasy, and more. We are also able to create custom drug panel tests based on your individual needs. Our testing methods range from saliva to urine to hair, fingernail, skin, and more and we are able to effectively detect short-term and long-term drug or alcohol use. With Fastest Labs, you’ll get the most accurate results possible in an instant.

*ID Required. All tests are personal & confidential.

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