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Fastest Labs® Featured on News for Expansion Plans for Tulsa, Oklahoma


We at Fastest Labs® are thrilled to announce we are expanding to Tulsa, Oklahoma. This exciting news was featured on the local news, at Fox 23. We are proud to have been featured on the news, as this highlights our important impact on the community--a community we are honored to be a part of. We will be added 4 offices to Tulsa County, as we look forward to continuing our reputation as the nation’s leading testing franchise.

Fastest Labs® will not only bring jobs to the area, but we will also meet a strongly increased demand for affordable, comprehensive, and fast drug testing services for various commercial businesses, service companies, and manufacturing. Our feature on the news shows just how quickly-expanding, impressive, and remarkable our growth has been.

Whether you are in need of drug testing, DNA testing, alcohol testing, DOT testing, athletic testing, immigration testing, student testing, after hours testing, or more, we can offer you the services you need. Our Tulsa testing professionals handle your individual, employer, or governmental needs in an efficient and effective manner, helping you maintain your needs with ease.

Interested in speaking to us? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (210) 361-7778.