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    “I started the first business without a college degree. They guided me through every stage while I learned how to own and operate a company. Not only that but they are constantly introducing new technology to make our lives easier and provide a smoother operation.”
    - Brennan Claflin
    “Fastest Labs allows me to grow my personal wealth by growing my business. And a huge benefit of that is a better work-life balance because my weekend and evening schedule is flexible. The tools that Fastest Labs provides and training, allow me to focus 100% on growing my business. I follow the playbook and am succeeding, my ROI is great.”
    - Glenda Stachowiak
    “One of the biggest benefits of being a Fastest Labs Franchisee is TIME. No other opportunity, coupled with hard work of course, will allow for such a wonderful work-life balance. I don't miss working endless hours to meet someone else's preset expectations. Now I work only for myself and benefit directly from every hour of work that I put in.”
    - John & Chelsea Smith
    “The corporate and clinical staff at the home office are truly superb in the support they provide and with the training I received. I am never without an answer to every question I have. They are always there for me. Questions ranging from running the business to new ideas, to how best to handle a customer situation, I have always received straight-up answers and explanations. Love them!”
    - Chris Powell
    “I absolutely adored my previous career. I didn't realize how overworked I was until I made the switch to business ownership. Suddenly, I felt a sense of peace and serenity. I had no idea how tired I was until I wasn't anymore. I now have time for family, friends, and vacation. It was easy to see that this business was able to make a great profit, all while offering a Monday through Friday position.... With the support team, I have never felt unqualified. There has never been a question they couldn't answer, and they are my biggest cheerleaders.”
    - Paul & Vanessa Dean
    “The Franchise Support Team has made the opportunity far more turn key than we would’ve expected. In the beginning there were many questions we had and the Franchise Coaches were always available and continue to be to this day. The leg up on the competition is unquestionable.”
    - Dave & Rachel George
    “My previous career I was tethered to a desk drawing on a computer all day for someone else's company. Now I own my own company and fill my days with work I reap the benefits from and because I make my schedule I can prioritize each day's events to fit in home life activities to live a balanced life. I love it and my wife and kids do too.”
    - Chris Machold
    “It was not something that could be replaced by computers. People would always physically have to provide a drug test sample. Also the ability to service walk-in customers (B2C) as well as businesses was very attractive.”
    - Paula Whitfield
    “Fastest Labs was quickest to market, hit the right price range, and was unique.... without a doubt have helped with sales, financials, product and lab support, and just about every aspect of the business you can imagine.”
    - Bill Coffey
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