About the Drug Testing Industry

About the Drug Testing Industry

The $1.5 billion drug testing industry first came to true fruition in the 1980s thanks to the encouragement of President Ronald Reagan, who asked corporations to ensure their employees were not abusing alcohol or drugs. This decision not only made workplaces safer, it has helped people battle their drug addiction and abuse. Not only do people require the help of a testing lab in the business world, but it comes up in family law cases as well. Many parents are tested in cases of child custody, and so on. There are now even federal requirements to submit to a drug screening if you are a pilot, truck driver, or train conductor.

As a result, there are many testing companies in the drug testing industry, including Quest, ARCpoint, and more. One thing we at FastestLabs® have over our competitors is our speed and efficiency. While it may take other lab chains 45 minutes to an hour to run a test to completion, as well as 3 days to deliver results, it only takes our team at FastestLabs® a few minutes in comparison. This is thanks to our private label drug-testing kit, in which tests cost $40-49. This is especially important for those who need answers in a speedy manner, when there is something like a custody case or employment matter at stake.

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