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FastestLabs® CEO Dave Claflin Interview on Insider Secrets of the Drug Testing Industry

Our CEO, Dave Claflin, is no stranger to people who try to trick the drug testing system. Thanks to the rise of workplace drug-testing, more people are trying to find ways to circumvent the obvious. However, the problem for them is, there’s no way around it. Thanks to various foolproof systems, it is nearly impossible to portray anything other than the truth when it comes to drug testing.

Here are common tricks people employ to pass a drug test, and Dave offers solutions to them all:

  • People attempt to sneak in another’s urine, so ask candidates to remove their jackets, hats, and empty their pockets. Visually inspect them for small containers.
  • Urine dilution through drinking plenty of water does not change results.
  • Synthetic urine or dehydrated urine powders must be mixed with water, so the toilet water must be blue and the sink water must be turned off.
  • Remove all soap, cleaners, and products from the testing area so they are not added to the urine.
  • Bleaching hair won’t change results--neither will special shampoo.
  • Fingernails can be used for those who shave all of their body hair. Adulterants on fingernails can be washed off.
  • Secondhand marijuana smoke won’t show up in a test.
  • Fake urine in an undergarment, found in a prosthetic device, will never be the right temperature.

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