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Fastest Labs® & the Billion Dollar Drug Testing Industry

We at Fastest Labs® are so excited to announce we are set to be a nationwide force in the field of drug testing. Considered the leading drug testing franchise in the United States, our team has swiftly responded to the dire need of testing regarding drug and alcohol use in the workforce. Founded in 2008 by our CEO, Dave Claflin, we are thrilled to offer top-rated customer service, immediate results, and effective business practices. These are just the tip of the iceberg in regard to why we are slated for even more exponential growth in the coming years.

Dave spoke on the success of our company, which has grown in over 22 units across 8 states, and stated: “We have carved out a niche in the ultra-competitive drug testing market by creating a solution to the most common problems in the industry: long wait times during testing and waiting too long for results. Fastest Labs is able to outperform competitors each and every time and we’re seeing tremendous growth in the business and franchise opportunity.” We initially recognized a need for filling this gap in the market, and we have successfully filled it!

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It can be difficult to ensure you are entering into a positive and successful entrepreneurial endeavor. This is why our team at Fastest Labs® believes it is best you don’t take a risk with your finances and your future, and joining us as a franchisee is the best way to do so. Allow us to be an intrinsic part your journey of financial and commercial achievement, as you can also become a part of the $1.5 billion drug testing industry.

We are ready and willing to speak to you at your earliest convenience. Contact us by calling (210) 361-7778.