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Fastest Labs® Seeking Expansion in Memphis


We at Fastest Labs® are excited to announce we have set our sights on Memphis, Tennessee as our next target of expansion. Not only is it a fitting place regarding the population seeking drug testing services, it is also home a number of professional sports franchises. We currently are open in 8 states across the nation, manning 22 units, and our goal is to add 7 more locations in Memphis.

Our CEO and Fastest Labs® founder, Dave Claflin, spoke on the importance of this demographics-driven expansion, which will only make our impact on this billion-dollar drug testing industry even more imminent. He states, “Here are the mile markers for us. We want to see a city that has at least 100,000 in population counts. And just as important, we want to see there’s at least 7,500 businesses located within that same area of ZIP codes. With Memphis, we’ve got over half a million people. There’s 39,000 businesses, and from a population count we’re showing 813,181 people. So that’s why it’s of interest to us.”

If you are in the Memphis, Tennessee area and are looking for a wonderful opportunity to take on the challenge of being a successful franchisee, look no further than Fastest Labs®.

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Are you a business owner who is wondering how to make your workplace environment safer and more productive? Are you an entrepreneur who is seeking the next frontier in your business needs? If so, look no further than Fastest Labs®. We offer affordable, efficient, and effective testing lab results for those who are seeking them, which makes us a great place for a potential franchisee to start. Allow us to transform your life today.

To speak to a representative of our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (210) 361-7778.