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Why At Home Drug Tests Are Not a Bargain

We know you can save a few dollars when you buy a drug test at CVS or Walgreens, even though our test prices are as low as $29. But are you getting a deal? We don’t think so.

There are several reasons why it is generally recommended to conduct drug tests with a professional rather than at home.

First, professional drug testing is more accurate and reliable. This is because professionals have access to more advanced testing equipment and are trained to properly collect and process samples.

Second, professional drug testing is more confidential and secure. This is because professionals are bound by strict laws and regulations regarding the handling and protection of personal information, which ensures that test results are kept private and are only shared with authorized individuals.

Third, professional drug testing is more legally defensible. This is because professional drug testing is conducted in accordance with established protocols and standards, which can be used to defend against potential legal challenges.

Lastly, Home drug testing kits are not as reliable as those used by professionals and may produce false results. Ask yourself these questions: Are you the expert in drug testing? Would your employer use this test?

In conclusion, while home drug testing kits may be convenient and cost a little less, they are not as reliable or comprehensive as professional drug testing. You may think you are getting a bargain, but it can cost you your job.

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