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From court orders, job applications, and other specific situations,. You may be required to have a PEth alcohol test completed. PEth blood tests work to determine alcohol abuse for family courts, sports, clinical studies, and treatment centers.

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What Is a PEth Test?

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Testing, is a reliable method of testing. It allows professionals to create a picture of alcohol consumption of an individual. Phosphatidylethanol is a direct alcohol biomarker. This means it’s easy to find in human blood after alcohol is consumed. When an individual drinks, the PEth is formed in the presence of ethanol, also known as alcohol, and bonds to the membrane of the red blood cell. The PEth test is completed in seconds via a small prick of the finger and collection of a few drops of blood.

The more alcohol consumed, the more PEth is formed. This makes the test very useful in detecting prolonged, heavy, or binge drinking. Especially when tested regularly. Commonly, the detection period for this is 2 to 3 weeks, although PEth may be detectable up to 4 weeks. This also depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as for how long. A positive PEth result is a reading of over20ng/mL or above. This is equivalent to excessive alcohol abuse. A result over 100ng/mL is very strong evidence to suggest heavy binge drinking.

Benefits of PEth Testing

Not only is the PEth test 99% accurate, but it also tends to be one of the most reliable blood tests on the market. Ideally , PEth tests are combined with another drug test, such as a hair or nail sample. Like other alcohol tests, the PEth alcohol test may be the best choice for your specific scenario. PEth can assist in building a picture of alcohol use when used alongside other testing. It's not recommended as a sole screening tool for any type of situation. Yet, it provides useful benefits the other tests lack.

Some benefits of PEth alcohol blood testing include:

  • Accurate – Unlike the alcohol blood tests of the past, the PEth continues to be one of the most accurate tests. Specifically when it comes to detecting recent alcohol consumption. Not only can the PEth test different from things like hand sanitizer and mouth wash when compared to previous test results. You can also gain a more accurate profile of the individual’s alcohol habits. The test currently houses a 99% accuracy.
  • Reliable – The test is very reliable compared to models of the past. PEth testing is not affected by medications, illnesses, previous drinking habits, age, or the health of the individual. This makes it a very reliable test whenever the results may be needed.
  • Non-Invasive – Although it is more effective than other alcohol tests, it remains very non-invasive. Via a simple prick of the finger the small blood sample is collected quickly by a trained and professional lab collector.

Whether you’re ready to schedule your PEth test in Denver or looking to discover the best test for your specific needs. Be sure to give our team of expert lab collectors a call! We’re more than happy to learn about your needs and work to get you the results you need.

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