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The Importance of A Drug-Free Workplace and Drug Testing

Even with the evolution of medical and recreational marijuana laws passing around the country, employers are now wondering if they should continue, or start, drug-free workplace and drug testing policies for their agencies.

The simple answer is, YES.

Even in the age of legal drug use, there is still an impetus to have and encourage a drug-free workplace. Alcohol usage has been legal for nearly 100 years since the overturn of prohibition, but you still don’t want your workers coming to work impaired. The same applies to drug use, prescribed or legally recreational. What employees may do in their homes on their own time probably doesn’t concern you, but when they arrive to your worksite, the condition they are in is your business.

Impaired workers can create a myriad of issues for you as an employer. Not only is the employee’s performance, behavior and attitude affected, it also can affect the workers around them. The domino effect can lead to loss profits and increased liability.

Impairment can create the following issues:

  • Injuries
  • Fatalities
  • Low employee morale
  • Lower job performance
  • Tardiness
  • Absenteeism
  • Poor decision making
  • Higher turnover
  • Loss of business
  • Loss of products, services or inventory
  • Liability and lawsuits

So what is an employer to do to help curb worker impairment? The key is to have a Drug-Free Workplace Policy and ENFORCE it.

The purpose of a Drug-Free Workplace Policy is to educate employees, warrant against at-work impairment, discourage drug and alcohol abuse, and help employees receive treatment if they have drug or alcohol issues. The policy needs to clearly outline pre-employment requirements, random testing, reasonable suspicion testing as well as post-accident testing. The policy also must outline how employees can receive help and the separation process if employees fail to adhere to the policy. Since many states have their own rules on drug testing, make sure to work with your Human Resources team or provider to develop a policy that adheres to your legislative requirements.

Another key component to a drug-free workplace is working with a testing provider that can get to know you, your policy and your business. Look for a provider who is within a 30-minute drive of your organization, provides appointments and walk-in ability and when needed, can provide some test results the same day.

Fastest Labs located at 600 University Office Blvd. Ste. 8A, Pensacola and open from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, has the ability to conduct all levels of drug and alcohol testing to help your organization enforce and adhere to your Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can work with you to review your options and find a customized solution to meet your every need. Our facility relies on highly-efficient processes that provide completely reliable results. Our facility proudly offers same-day and walk-in appointments, and most test results are available in as little as five minutes. To find out more how Fastest Labs can be part of your successful drug-free workplace, please call 850-364-4500.