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Pet DNA Testing in North Charlotte

Pet DNA Testing & Mixed-Breed Identification for Only $109

Looking for pet DNA testing services in North Charlotte? Fastest Labs® is here to give you the answers you’re looking for regarding your dog's mixed-breed lineage, genetic testing for cats, and more. We are a premier lab testing provider offering excellent customer service for our comprehensive pet DNA testing. We are proud to offer affordably priced pet DNA testing services that answer so much more than a dog's unique combination of breeds. In fact, your pet DNA testing report will include a wealth of information.

Our pet DNA tests can help answer the following questions:

  • What breeds make up my pet’s DNA (dogs only)?
  • How does my pet's DNA makeup contribute to any necessary medical care?
  • How does my dog's mixed lineage contribute to their personality and behavior?
  • What will be my puppy or kitten’s approximate adult weight?
  • Is my pet predisposed to any genetic diseases or traits?
  • Does my pet have a tendency toward adverse reactions to certain drugs?

Need lab test results? Dial (704) 326-7542 to speak to our pet DNA testing experts and set up your pet’s appointment in our lab.

How Will My Pet’s DNA Be Tested?

Pets must be brought to our North Charlotte lab, where they’ll have a simple mouth swab to collect their DNA. You will perform the swab yourself to ensure safety. Your pet’s DNA will then be analyzed to create a genetic profile. If you have a dog and want a mixed-breed lineage test, we will compare their DNA to hundreds of common breeds to make their profile. Our experienced, highly trained lab analysts will determine your pet's DNA profile.

How Much Does Pet DNA Testing in North Charlotte Cost?

Our tests are fast and affordable, at only $109, much less than those offered by other companies.

What Do Test Results Include?

Your pet’s DNA profile will be included in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report that you can even share with your veterinarian. We encourage veterinary involvement so you can enjoy the full benefits of our pet DNA testing services.

To schedule an appointment at Fastest Labs of North Charlotte, please contact us at (704) 326-7542.

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