Fastest Labs in HowStuffWorks

Fastest Labs in HowStuffWorks

Fastest Labs In How Stuff WorksFastest Labs CEO, Dave Claflin, contributed to an interview featured on HowStuffWorks with Alia Hoyt. The article highlights the innovations and steps being taken to develop a successful breathalyzer test with the ability to detect drugs as well as alcohol.

Although a drug breathalyzer test has yet to be achieved, research and technology is evolving to find an effective solution to detecting drug usage in impaired drivers. Increased marijuana and opioid usage has spurred the need for rapid, breath testing, capable of detecting these drugs. However, creating a breath test for these substances is a much more difficult process than that of alcohol as the metabolic process and change to a detectable vapor form is much more complex.

Breathalyzer for Drug Testing?

While progress is being made, a drug testing breathalyzer is not going to be implemented for quite some time. Dave Claflin explains that even once this technology is developed, there are several hoops to jump through and numerous regulations on the state, federal and department of transportation level to pass.

Fastest Labs is proud to be on the cutting edge of drug testing technology and will continue to follow the research and innovations that continue to advance our industry.

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