About Employer Consortiums and Why Employers Should Join Them

About Employer Consortiums and Why Employers Should Join Them

Employer Consortium Management ServicesWhether you operate a large corporation or a small business, you may be required to comply with the state and federal random drug testing regulations. For large corporations, a random drug test selection from a substantial amount of employees supports a completely random environment. However, some businesses are just too small for their employee drug testing selection to be truly random. That's where employer consortiums come in.

Consortium is a Latin word, meaning "partnership." In the world of drug testing, "consortium" is used to refer to a means of gathering employers and smaller companies who may be required or still want to offer drug testing services, but require a larger pool of people for random name generation purposes. As a certified Third Party Administrator (TPA), Fastest Labs provides consortium program services for any business required to comply with state or federal random drug and alcohol testing regulations. We pool the employees of multiple small businesses together into a group large enough random drug testing sample group.

Still not sure you need a consortium? Here's a short story to help illustrate it.

Imagine you and your beloved wife own a small trucking company, transporting little odds and ends from other small businesses. Because of your small business approach, you and your wife are the only truck drivers but due to the nature of your business, you must comply with the random drug testing regulations. How can you random drug test when you and your wife are the only employees? Are you and your wife going to take turns submitting to drug and alcohol testing every other month? Not only is that a management hassle, but costly too! Keeping this in mind, our employer consortium service will be able to ensure your business, along with others invested in the consortium, will not have to draw names out of a hat. No more flipping coins. Making sure that your testing is random helps protect you against allegations of discrimination or potential liability, and ensures that you fully comply with federal DOT drug testing regulations. We handle everything from drug test policy creation, random name generation to mobile DOT drug and alcohol testing services.

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